Lets stare with the basics.  Probate is where the deceased person’s estate (property, money in bank, insurance, cars, etc.) is distributed to heirs and beneficiaries,  Here debt owed to creditors is paid off through the courts. Most of the time, the property is distributed through the decedent’s will, but if there is no will, then it goes through the intestate probate Court.

Some beneficiaries feel like they weren’t notified, or that they didn’t get their fair share.  A beneficiary who has standing (an interest in the property of the deceased by a potential or current beneficiary).  In Florida, you have a 3-month window to contest the will.

How do you contest the will?  There are a few ways to contest the will.  While contesting a will is not easy, it is possible if there is some irregularity in the new will like the decedent having changed his or her will recently, or where the decedent was not in his right mental capacity, or simply changed or created the will under duress by a someone who the decedent would not have given his property and estate to under normal circumstances.

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Sometimes, there is some confusion regarding who gets what percentage of the estate.  It becomes more complicated than not sometimes to maneuver through these legal inroads of nuances where each can keep a person from what they are owed under the law.