Miami Lawsuit Against Opioid Manufacturers.

Miami has been one of the recent cities to join the federal lawsuit against opioid and Oxycontin manufacturers and distributors, blaming them for an overdose epidemic.

What claims did Miami make in the opioid and Oxycontin lawsuit? Miami claimed in the opioid epidemic that the opioid pharmaceutical companies made deceptive or false marketing about the opioid and Oxycontin prescription painkillers, including Purdue Pharma, Teva Pharmaceuticals and Walgreens.

The lawsuit claims that the opioid and Oxycontin manufacturers have been unjustly enriched by selling opioid and Oxycontin drugs, while harming the city and its services. Miami City Manager in a Miami Herald article regarding the Miami lawsuit against the opioid and Oxycontin manufacturers claimed that the pharmaceutical companies like Purdue, had “inflicted a great burden” on Miami and our nation.

Miami joins about 250 cities, counties and states that have sued opioid and Oxycontin makers, wholesalers, distributors and marketers accusing the companies of misleading doctors and the public by aggressively advertising the drugs as non-addictive and safe.

Broward and Palm Beach have also filed suit against the drug manufacturer of OxyContin.

What the opioid and Oxycontin manufacturers have denied the claims and asked for the lawsuits to stop until research can better assess long-term risks and benefits of opioids and Oxycontin .

Pharmaceutical Lawsuits: Opioid and Oxycontin manufactures.

The city’s lawsuit lists 17 defendants, including drug makers, mass distributors of prescription drugs and Walgreens pharmacies.

The Purdue Pharma complaint claimed that Purdue Pharma promoted abuse-deterrent formulations to Miami doctors and false promises that the drugs were safer than other opioids and Oxycontin .

Walgreens pharmacies are accused of failing to stop the diversion of opioids and Oxycontin for illicit use.

What you should do to join the lawsuit?

Contact us at The Miami Law Firm and join the class action lawsuit against those manufacturers, include Purdue Pharma to stop spreading addiction across our state, county and cities. Call for a free consultation at 786-454-2411.  Joining the class action is free.

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