International issues and laws are not simple. They are complex and require expertise in a series of global legal issues which affect the decisions of companies trying to set up a location in the United States.

Immigration issues if companies are considering sending executives to work in the United States, or EB5 Visa concerns or even L1 Visa possibilities all require careful research to help determine the best outcome for each individual corporate need.

Industry knowledge also defines a law firm’s ability to work with international corporations looking at entering the U.S. market. Banking and financial requirements are complex and the legalities are both at the Federal level, and at each State’s level. In many cases that is also the case for companies seeking to be traded on the stock exchange in America. Employment issues are concerning within each state and federally, elections may create of remove challenges to entry into the United States. Banking regulations, statutes, and other complexities should be researched to avoid legal consequences. Your focus should be on the bottom line, leave the legalities to us.

We offer the knowledge of a seasoned team of lawyers and professionals who understand cultures, complexities and the U.S. legal system to create a seamless entry for your corporation into the United States.

Our services include dispute resolution, contracts between countries, corporate litigation, general counsel services, immigration law, risk and compliance services, privacy and internet law and more.

You’ve come to the right shop. We are simple to work with, extensive in our research, solid in our methods and an affordable solution for foreign companies trying to enter the marketplace.

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