You are probably the most undervalued department in your company.  You create the employment contracts making sure you included the minimum standards of the law you are certain need to be included.  You know that employment contracts and agreements must include Fair Labor Standards Act dealing with minimum wage and overtime pay requirements.  Each day you check the SHRM site to make sure that your organization is following the Occupational Safety and Health Act which is key to keeping your fellow workers safe.

You are the Q&A machine and respond to management and staff questions regarding family and medical leave, understanding the Family and Medical Leave Act makes you the corporate pro.  You know your stuff!

Occasionally however, you need some help with employment issues and employment contracts.  Not all situations are so cut and dry that you are completely sure of how to proceed, and that is where our hotline can help you become well versed without the hourly fees of traditional lawyers.

Labor Law Miami

Let Pinkert Legal help you prevent situations that take you into court.  Reducing costs while reducing the amount of unnecessary litigation is part of your overall KPI and we can help you make it.  We work with companies to reduce your chances of being haled into court and to help you make your corporate incentive goals.

HR Free Lunch & Learn

Free lunch & learn for your organization. Not pitches, just an hour regarding one topic of your choice along with Q&A.