The Miami Law Firm’s Hospitality Law Section focuses on boutique hotels who as part of their daily business operations need legal protection or legal actions taken against others.  We work with hotels offering unbundled services, full service legal work per case, or as their corporate counsel with monthly retainer solutions making daily consultations regarding legal services, reviews of contracts, consultations of employee issues, sending and answering of demand letters, customer theft, as well as personal injury claim defenses.

Our unbundled services is a unique pay as you go program that saves you money.  We charge per service instead of the whole case in case there is a pre-litigation settlement.  We can, for example, send a demand letter on your behalf, if no settlement is offered, we can move forward with drafting a complaint at a different fee, but if there is a settlement, there is no need to pay us for drafting and filing the complaint.   The service is simple, easy to understand and affordable.

In addition, we offer complete corporate counsel services with a monthly retainer in the hundreds of dollars which includes potentially thousands of dollars in legal services.  It also places you on a level playing field with others, and shows those trying to take your profits that you mean business.

Call today at (786) 454-2411 for a free options consultation, or a free consultation for any pending case you might have.  We work around your budgets.