U.S. and international hotel operators are required to keep their guests safe.  It’s the hotel’s duty to avoid any type of negligence which may harm its guests. In addition, hotels must hire, manage and fire employees and they also have to prepare contracts for its vendors, for group and incentive travel companies, online travel agents, and many more.

Restaurants as part of hotel can also be involved in law suits due to negligence from selling food that is not edible or food that causes food poisoning.  Not only does the State of Florida have a multitude of regulations regarding food service in restaurants, but the federal government also has an abundance of laws protecting consumers from food poison and other food born illnesses.  Restaurants must also protect its customers from slips and falls, food poisoning and other personal injuries.

Our hospitality section fights on behalf of the hotel which includes breaches of contracts that cause hotels damage.  Our attorneys help fight those who contract with the hotel such as group and incentive houses and meeting planners who break a contract and expect there to be no consequence from it.

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Our staff has spent a better part of 30 years working in the hospitality industry holding both a Juris Doctor and an MBA with a complete understanding of your intentions as hotel operations and management.


Everyone has a duty of care for those who they invite on their boat or premises.  The failure to abide by this duty of care can create a situation that leaves those who are negligent susceptible to a lawsuit.  While they may not all have a duty to make the premises safe, they all have a duty to warn you that there is something on their premises that can cause you an injury.

Products liability is yet another way of claiming negligence.  The duty to warn through the labels, the duty to make a product that is safe for consumers, and the requirement of intermediaries such as stores, doctors and pharmacies to inspect certain products is critical and if ignored, and it causes you an accident, then they may be liable for negligence under the law.

If you think you were injured by the negligence of a hotel, store, public establishment or a private home, please call us today.  Remember there is a time requirement, meaning that usually you have between 2-4 years after the accident to sue.

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We can provide you with a free consultation for all negligence and product liability cases.


If you are an American Citizen and are injured while traveling to another country, you may have may have the right to compensation for your injuries and losses as well as the right to attorneys fees.

If you have had an accident while traveling let us know and we will help you understand your rights, what damages you can recover for, how long it might take, and what the reality of your scenario is so you can make the most practical, logical, and affordable solution to your concerns.

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We can provide you with a free consultation for all negligence and product liability cases.