Donald Trump is allowing Cuban-Americans whose property was confiscated during the Castro revolution to sue the island nation and the new owners of those properties who perhaps knew or should have known that the properties they occupy today are in fact confiscated under the communist movement in Cuba.

In similar cases like Poland, where citizens were allowed to sue the government for confiscated properties, those citizens were required to show the original title to the property, and pay to relocate the current occupants of that property in order to regain it. In other examples, the lawsuits required that those suing were occupants of the property and could sue to quiet title.

The elements needed to reclaim confiscated property in Cuba by Cuban Americans will be clear soon. The key is to start the suit now before others can file the claims. Our Cuban-American attorneys can help you file an action to repossess your property in Cuba. We suggest that if you are a Cuban-American trying to claim title to your property which was confiscated by the Fidel Castro revolution, you contact us at (786) 454-2411 and ask for Vanessa Diaz to get started.

“The complexity is the fact that many European companies have taken over these properties knowing that they were confiscated, which means that legal actions will take some time.” Said Vansessa E. Diaz, Esq., Of Counsel at The Miami Law Firm. “In addition, there are current occupants to those properties making it more challenging, but not impossible. Starting your lawsuit today against the Cuban Government will be key to save your place in line.”

Here is a recent article by Reuters:

Call The Miami Law Firm if you are interested in taking action against Cuba for confiscating your family property during the Fidel Castro illegal confiscation of property on the Island Nation.

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