Cuban-Americans Can Sue Foreign Companies for Property Seized

Trump seems to want to allow a controversial law allowing Cuban Americans and other U.S. citizens to sue over property seized in decades past by the Cuban government.

Europe Fights Trump for Allowing Cuban-Americans to sue Cuba.

Even though European companies have threatened to protest this permission to sue, especially foreign companies headquartered in the EC, and threatened a possible WTO challenge and a cycle of counterclaims in European courts as sure to fail if the European companies fight the suit.

Foreign Companies Hurt By Trump Permission to Sue Cuba.

Which foreign companies may be affected?  The Canadian mining firm Sherritt International Corp and Spain’s Melia Hotels International SA. As well as U.S. companies, like airlines and cruise companies, have pressed hard to put their foot in the door in Cuba the moment Obama allowed companies to move into the Island Nation.

Trump, it appears, will also enforce the Helms-Burton’s Title IV, which requires the denial of U.S. visas to those involved in “trafficking” confiscated properties in Cuba.

Thousands of Cases Against Cuba for Confiscating Properties

According to a recent April 19, 2019 article by Reuters, “In major shift, Trump to allow lawsuits against foreign firms in Cuba, by Susan Heavy Matt Spetalnick, David Alexander; Washington Sarah Marsh, Marc Frank; Havana , “some 5,913 claims held by U.S. companies and individuals have been have been certified by the U.S. Justice Department and are now estimated to be worth roughly $8 billion. The Cuban Government estimates that damages will range from $121 billion to more than $300 billion.”

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