What is a valid contract?

both parties to a contract must assent to same thing in same sense and their minds must meet as to the terms.  This means there has been an offer, acceptance and consideration.   You must have them for a contract to generally speaking, to be valid.

The contract must have some essential terms, and depending on whether the contract is for the sale of goods, or the sale of services will determine what those essential terms.  Generally, you must have terms such as price, quantity, description of goods and such, but this is not always the case.  Contracts may fall under Uniform Commercial Code or under Common Law, and that will determine what the essential elements of the contract are.


How do you breach a contact?

To prevail on a claim for breach of contract under Florida law, the plaintiff must prove (1) a valid contract; (2) a material breach; and (3) damages.


What is the damage for breaching a contract?

There could be a variety of damages whether restitution, expectation damages, incidental damages, or perhaps you can seek compensation outside of legal damages such as those where another person has been enriched by the contract and it would be unfair to allow that person to receive these benefits without paying.


If you feel that you had a contract and that the other party breached the contract, or think that there was a misunderstanding about the reason why you got into the contract, give us a call so we can tell you if you truly have a case and how to best pursue it. Our consultation is free, you can start by calling us at 786-454-2411.