If you were involved in a car accident, we can help.  Our car accident lawyers work on a percentage of the outcome of the case plus court costs.  For those involved in a car accident there are several factors that must be taken into account to bring a valid auto accident case to court.  Our car accident attorneys will help you decipher whether you have a case, and then file the proper legal documents against the person responsible for the accident and the insurance companies that cover both cars involved in the accident.

What might change the outcome of a car accident claim?  Whether someone was speeding, drinking, not wearing their seat belts, texting, using headphones, on their cell phones, etc.  Before you start the claim, you should figure out what kind of comparative negligence was involved in the accident that might bring down the award.  This means that the court in Florida when looking at a car accident will take into account the percentage the injured party was at fault, and reduce the award for the injury.

There are several claims in Florida which takes into account damages if the person suing did not have his or her seat belt on.  Whether someone could actually foresee that another person might have been injured from the initial negligence.  You need to take into account whether the driver suing was actually at fault in any way.  Was he speeding, was he parked incorrectly?  Did the driver suing break a statute of some sort.  All of these variables will affect the determination of the case, and of course the amount of damages from a car accident here in Florida.

The Miami Law Firm has car accident attorneys who understand not only understand the law, but also understand that car accident attorneys are more than just legal counsel.  They are compassionate car accident attorneys who care about the tragedy and fight on your behalf zealously.   The Miami Law Firm’s car accident attorneys also provide clients with their real scenario, meaning whether a car accident victim has the ability to stake a reasonable claim in a court of law.

Car accidents are emotionally challenging and dealing with the insurance companies is adds to this emotional car accident roller coaster.