Our small and medium sized company lawyers  takes care of all of your business law needs from filing claims against those who think they can get away with frivolous lawsuits, to filing one.  We can help you create the right legal strategies that help you protect your profits.

We help you create the right human resource policies, contracts for both vendors and clients, as well as help you file lawsuits and respond to demand letters and lawsuits by others.

We offer an entire “Corporate Counsel” program at small business prices.  Yup, we are that kinda Law Firm. Monthly packages start from $300 per month and provide a slew of legal services which gives you peace of mind in your day-to-day activities and also allows you to use our Miami Law Firm icon on your website so that others know you are serious about your business, and that you are protected.

Business Law

Sometimes it feels that though you are right, the law is set against you.  It’s not.  Business law cases can often times be more complex because they involve multiple parties and multiple claims against each other.  Our staff understands not only the law, but also business and what your goals are without having to teach us how to be business people.  We can help you expedite your case and help you get what you are owed.

Corporate Counsel Package:

Yup, you can now have a Law Firm on any case that comes your way starting as low as $300 per month.  You read correctly, just $300 per month.  We have an unbundled price system that allows you to have us send out a demand letter included in your monthly retainer of $300, and then add services in addition to those on your monthly Corporate Counsel Package.  That means that you have access and advice from lawyers, which includes a demand letter or response to one, then you can add a service at a low previously agreed upon price as you need it.

Give us a call and come and see us, we love to talk business and the law and will let you know how viable a possible cause of action is before you start spending your profits on a claim.