Florida is the nation’s boating capital with close to 1 million registered vessels, but sources in the state believe there are another million vessels that are not registered.

Florida also leads the nation in the number of recreational boating accidents (671) (with California a distant second at 379), fatalities (52), and injuries (390). (available at

We can help you file a law suit against a boat owner for boating injuries caused by his or her negligence.  The Miami Law Firm will also fight an illegal search of your vessel, boating DUI, fish and wildlife tickets, no wake zones, manatee areas, and more laws that can cost you money.  Let us help you fight these in an affordable manner.

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Boating Tickets

Without knowing the laws of the sea, getting a ticket is almost inevitable.  The regulations regarding age of jet ski riders, how many lights to have on at night, how many life vests to have on board makes it challenging to keep up with the law. Then what do you do if you got a ticket on your boat or jet ski?  You call an attorney who is versed in boating law.

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