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Child custody, child support and time sharing agreements that make sense.


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Small business lawyers at small business prices. New Corporate Counsel Package.


Employment Law

Disgruntled employees are more empowered than ever. Protect yourself.


Employee's Rights

The Fair Labor Standards Act ("FLSA") establishes a minimum wage, overtime pay, record keeping and child labor standards for all employees.

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The Miami Law Firm serves clients throughout Florida and Chicago. The firm’s Senior Partner has been practicing law for nearly 30 years and offers comprehensive solutions for small businesses, employees or human resource directors, national corporations, hotels and meeting planners, boaters, and people who are injured by unfair and unethical trade practices by corporations. 

What makes us different as a Law Firm is that we provide unbundled legal services, affordable payment plans where we get to work from the first payment, and simple access through a private dashboard where you can access all of your files all the time. 

Employment Law.

We work with Human Resource managers to make sure that your company is compliant with the most recent laws regulating employment contracts, health and safety, employee handbooks, intern compliance, and more.  Our seasoned corporate staff will help you meet your KPIs and work with you on a budget that makes sense for your revenue. No job is too big, and no job is too small.

Probate Law

It is very common to find brothers and sisters fighting each other over their deceased parent properties, perhaps even remaining in the estate property without any sibling permission.  Sometimes we find that a brother or sister has pressured other siblings to sign over a house without compensation, or they just pressure siblings for a bigger share than they are owed.

At times there is a will and one of several of the beneficiaries want to contest that will.  There are a few strategic ways to do that, and we know what they are.  Google has some answers, but you want to make sure you know the law so that you dont unintentionally waive your rights under the law.  Time limitations of presenting a case contesting a will is critical.  In Florida the window is several months and then you waive your right to attack the will.  We see this often, especially when a parent has left his estate to a friend he or she met recently, possibly at a medical center.  You can fight it with the right team behind you. Call 786-454-2411 for a free consultation.  We offer unbundled services and payment plans.

Small Business Law

We understand small businesses and their continued need to protect their profits from those who want to file frivolous law suits or break vital contracts with you which affect your sales and revenue.  As a small business law firm, we believe you should have the same protection as larger firms, but at the affordable legal plans that suit your budget.   We provide a variety of payment plans, including our “Small Business Corporate Counsel” retainer agreement.  For a few hundred dollars a month you can have access to legal consultation, one demand letter per quarter, one review of a contract per quarter, one dismissal letter per quarter and reduced hourly rates for more complex litigation.  In addition, we will add our logo to your website so that other companies doing business with you know you have an inhouse legal counsel as a deterrent to those who prey on small businesses.  You can start protecting yourself by calling 786-454-2411.  Ask for our small business legal section.

Family Law

We know how challenging this area of the law is and our expert lawyers provide you with accurate representation in custody battles, petitions for alimony, paternity issues, family reunification of lost custody battles, as well as divorce, family time sharing agreements and pre and post nuptial agreements.  Call us today and ask for our family law section at 786-454-2411.


We offer unbundled legal services making your case more affordable along with simple payment plans where we start working from the initial deposit, and provide you with updates to your case through a private online dashboard.

In addition, we speak English when we give you advice so you can make intelligent decisions.   We save the legalese for Court, not people.

Corporate Human Resources

You spend the day fielding questions from corporate directors, providing critical responses to medical leave, intern programs, overtime, health and safety, and cannot be expected to be up on the law in all areas.  Not only can we help you with up-to-date changes in the law, but we work with you to help you protect your profits by reducing the chances of litigation cost by disgruntled employees.  Stay compliant, keep everyone safe, meet your corporate goals and stay calm, Pinkert Legal team is only a phone call away.  Lets talk today.

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Overtime Eligibility & Calculator

Employees have many rights in America.  We are protected against sexual harassment, racial discrimination, privacy, health, problems with termination of employment, safety and well being including strict overtime pay laws. If you think your current or former boss made you work without getting overtime, your employer may still owe you. Yup, even if you are a manager, your employer may still have to pay you overtime. Find out using our Overtime Pay Calculator, and if you have any questions, give us a call, the consultation is free.

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Business Law

Why shouldnt you sue the other party for not making good on their agreements.  You work hard and should be protected.  Want to know if its worth it to sue the person who you want to make good on the contract?  Call us and we will give you our honest opinion.  Other ways to handle it might be to add a simple clause in your contracts that allows us to file claims on your behalf and pass the legal fees on to the one who didnt pay you.  You might be a small business, but you certainly can act big with Pinkert Legal behind you.

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Corporate Group & Incentives

Singing a contract with a large hotel chain to bring your top sales people on that annual incentive trip doesnt mean they can change your dates or try to get you for complicated attrition clauses, you may be able to stake a great claim or affirmative defense.  Not everything goes as planned, so let us help you try to negotiate a reasonable rate based on a smaller number.  Pinket Legal’s team has over 30 years experience in the hospitality industry.  Don’t give up too quickly, let us take a look and maybe even send the hotel our bill too.

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Travel Injuries

Don’t be fooled by those international hotels, resorts or excursions that tell you they cannot be brought to court in America.  If they have been marketing and selling in the United States, they may surely be liable for injuries you or a loved one suffered while on vacation. Pinkert Legal’s team can help you use domestic and international law to get justice and a judgment that can be paid to you right here at home.

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Boating Law

Fish too small, but you just didnt know it? Did Fish & Wildlife agents board your vessel without your consent and found things other than fish or lobsters that were too small?  Now you’re in bigger trouble, but you still have rights.  Perhaps under maritime laws in a Federal Court, or maybe you can bring it to a State Court before a jury of your peers -those who can better understand your innocence.  Wake zone tickets, jet ski tickets, reckless boating tickets, and more. Got a boating ticket, call today and lets see what we can do for you.

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